a girl who knew how to be happy even when sad (sgmajorshipper) wrote,
a girl who knew how to be happy even when sad

this has been a Dreamwidth flail post

I think I've discovered why I love DW. I haven't been on it very much lately, due to time, but I miss it. Anyways, I think what attracts me is a) the environment, but much more interesting, b) the meta and discussions and actual sanity. Not to say LJ doesn't have any of those, and I should know, since I'm friends with a lot of people who are big on discussion, but there's meta about DW, about the OTW and AO3, about fandom as a whole and individual fandoms, characters and shows, and...well, anything your heart desires on DW. And the cool thing is that because of the open and accepting and largely-cool userbase, you get discussion instead of just snideness. People tell you exactly why they disagree without resorting to insults and immaturity.*

*Fandom Secrets is excluded from his statement, though before I stopped hanging out there(tiiimmeee D:) it was incredible and way better than LJ. I miss my F!S sockpuppet friends, which is not a sentence I would ever picture myself saying.

There will be a RL post tonight, I hope, with the official ~page~ and stuff. 'Till then, I'm just gonna include the button in every post(though, ftr, nobody is obligated to do anything about ever, honest). Because I am that desperate. Scroll on if it bothers you.
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