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flist cut

The cut is done. I mostly got rid of people who haven't updated in years/I haven't talked to since I friended. If, by chance, you're still around and haven't abandoned LJ completely, I'd be happy to friend you back! I also cut people I didn't think would follow me to my new journal when the time comes.

You can see if you were cut by clicking here; if you see it, you weren't.
As always, if you want back on, just drop me a comment and let me know. And if you want to drop me for any reason, that's cool too.

Also, I updated my friends-only post to indicate that I'm back from hiatus and not looking for new friends. Oh, the things you'll accomplish when you're putting off trig homework!

I've decided to just let my tags go to hell 'till I move. It's not gonna be that much longer anyway, and I really cba to go back and tag everything.

I need to start updating with DW.
Tags: [ online ] too lazy to tag
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