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I love you, world. Like, seriously. I love you all. Today hasn't been anything special, but, just, I realized how incredibly lucky I am. I have all the things I could want, I'm doing what I enjoy, I'm going where I want to be, I have more friends than I ever thought I might, I'm lucky. Hell, I'm blessed. The world always looks particularly shiny to me, but today, it's looking especially up. I don't know why*, but I figure I can maybe spread the love. So. I love you. All of you. From the ones I talk to practically every day to the people I only occasionally interact with anymore. Every name has a story behind it, and you're all awesome; you've all got your individual stories of awesomeness. I like to think I know my flist, and so I think I can safely say that all of you are pretty incredible. ♥

Have some kitties for your awesomeness!

Continue to be amazing, guys. Grace out.
there is no such thing as too much himym, shut up. i'm almost caught up

*It may actually have something to do with the fact that I spent two hours uploading icons into my new icon spaces that someone awesome got for me. And everyone knows there is a direct correlation between how many empty icon spots you have and how gleeful you are.

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