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This is a RL post

If that turns you off, or if you can't offer any help, please scroll on by. Nobody's obligated to get involved in my offline life.

I've written this post many times, and each sounds either whiny or badgering or something stupid like that, and I really, really hate sounding like that. So I'm going to just lay out the facts and ask for help.

Mom's bad. As in, she-doesn't-have-very-much-longer bad. At this point, we're not trying chemo anymore, since it's not working. We have an idea for an alternate treatment(and yes, we're at the point where this is what we're considering), but it costs thousands of dollars. More, even than Dad and I would make in a year(which, admittedly, isn't very much, considering most people make three times that, but still). So, we're looking for ways to raise money. The problem is, we've never been very social. We don't have a huge circle of friends, rich or otherwise. We've never been to fundraisers, because frankly, we've never had any money to donate. So we have no clue as to how we should get started here. I'm asking for help. Fandom is huge and there's a wide array of talents and skills and knowledge, and I figure that somewhere, someone might have an idea. Tumblr's good at this stuff, but I don't really have any connections on Tumblr. I'm just at a loss. We're asking on Mom's facebook too, but I know I have a large circle of friends and people who care about us here in fandom too, so I figured I could ask and maybe get some replies.

If you do have any ideas, please let me know, be it a comment or a PM or an email or anything. Thanks, guys. <3
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