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Just realized that the next week is not going to be fun. D:
Sunday I babysit all day. Monday I have the final draft of a research paper due. Tuesday has the midterms for basketball. Wednesday is more school testing as well as me going to see the last home game that night. Thursday...probalby will have a science or math test, since we're finishing a unit soon. Friday will be our first proper history test. And I probably start working for the church at some point next week too. On top of all that, y'all know I've been kinda wishy-washy lately with my emotions and depression and stuff.
Ugh. I miss being homeschooled.

Somebody save me. Find a TARDIS. Except Calvin and Hobbes has taught me that that solution NEVER works.

On the upside, last night's Psych was awesome! I love all the homages. And I'm totally looking forward to next week.

also at some point I will want to tag all these posts D:

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